[MV] Sweet Girl (Full ver.) - B1A4

Since their "SOLO DAY" promotion in July last year, B1A4 will return from their long break of 13 months, with a 6th mini-album “Sweet Girl”. Not only their styles, but also their musical talents have been upgraded over the year, turning the group into a better artist in general. All tracks on the new mini-album have been either composed or worded by the leader JINYOUNG, CNU, and BARO. So this album is sure to show B1A4's unique color of music more than ever before.

The title song “Sweet Girl” is a sweet but fierce punk serenade. It's about love at first sight - about a guy following his fate and making his dreams come true. B1A4's beautiful voices, on top of a very deep and rich arrangement by real band and orchestra, make the song as dramatic as possible.

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