[MV] Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms - HIGH4 with IU

N.A.P Entertainment's new boy group "HIGH4" released their single "Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms" with Korea's little sister, "IU."

The single is released last April 8th, and surprisingly it is on the top 10 list of various online music charts, including Olleh Music, Bugs, Naver Music, and MelOn. One of the few reasons for the song's success is the help of the superstar IU.

The single, "Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms" is a song produced by Choi Kap Won, and IU helped in writing its lyrics that's what makes it more special. This is not the first time that IU shows her writing abilities to her fans and audience, and she was good on it, this song is an evidence of her talent for writing.

The song is about the feeling of loneliness created by a certain wanting for love, a lonely person who wants to enjoy spring, but bothered by the fact that he is a single among a sea of couples.

The song is very lovely; IU's voice in the song is very clear and flawless and is sure to capture a listener for its very relatable nature. The duet between HIGH4 and IU is one of the strong points of the song. The song has a catchy hook and a modern acoustic sound that is pleasing to the ear.

Like the song, the music video is very simple. While IU does steal the spotlight when she enters the frame, the members of High4 evidently have their own moments in their own debut music video.

The first member who sings after IU's first couple of lines is "Myung-han," the main vocal of the group. He has a quality of voice that would suit all types of songs. He is the one who have the cutest scenes in the music video. He was first appeared holding a re umbrella to keep those pesky, falling cherry blossoms off his pristine idol hair and clothes. The umbrella ends up flying away and he makes do by drawing one with chalk on one of the many white houses on the set.

The umbrella flies to a tree near IU, where she's having fun at catching cherry blossoms and then blowing them away. Later, she holds onto an ice cream cone that is shoved away, and which ends up flying into the hands of Kyle. He has fewer lines than Myung-han but honestly, he makes it good and shows what he's got.

The two rappers of High4 were introduced while driving a car. Yong-jun takes the wheel with his pretty face and amusing rapping skills. Yong-jun and Myung-han are both have natural expressions and their faces are very idol-like. In the meantime, Alex is the last of four members to make an appearance. His rapping style is smoother in its flow.

In the end, the members of High4 and superstar IU come out together for its last chorus with dancing a very simple dance. The moves suit the melody and feel of the song and it's easy to see that the High4 members are capable of more. It's easy to imagine that the routine was added in as some sort of last musing, to tone down and give the simple scene and little bit more cuteness IU's dance part.

Check out their music video :

Download HIGH4 & IU – Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms music video here

Download HIGH4 & IU – Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms track here

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