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The soloist NC.A has released her first mini album entitled "Scent of NC.A", in her eight months since her debut. NC.A was debuted last summer with the single "My Student Teacher." The album contains six tracks, including title song "I'm Different." The title track is a catchy medium tempo dance track composed by Kim Se Jin and Suh Jung Jin with lyrics written by Kim Se Jin and Scared Only Son. Her digital singles "My Student Teacher," "Oh My God" and "Hello Baby" are also on the album.

As mention before, her 1st mini album "Scent of NC.A" contains six tracks:

1. 난 좀 달라 (I'm Different)

2. Hello Baby

3. My Student Teacher

4. Oh My God

5. 난 좀 달라 (inst.)

6. Hello Baby (inst.)

1. 난 좀 달라 (I'm Different)

The track "I'm Different" is the title song of her 1st mini album "Scent of NC.A," the song describes the actions of a young girl who has fallen in love but is unable to admit it.

" I'm not your girl just because we had our first kiss
I'm different from the girls you've known

Don't misunderstand, that was just a playful kiss
I didn't hate it, should I fall for you or not? I haven't fallen yet "

2. Hello Baby

The song "Hello Baby" is a pop ballad song that shows off NC.A's husky voice. The songs express the concerns and worries that a woman experiences as she notices her lover starting to change.

" Hello, look at me, hello smile
Stop walking away so quickly
I'm running out of breath, tears are rising
You seem like someone who is escaping "

3. 교생쌤 (My Student Teacher)

The track "'My Student Teacher" is NC.A's debut song which composed by Yurisangja Park Seung Hwa, written by Lee Jiwon, and arranged by Seo Jeong Jin. The song has a medium-tempo's trendy band sound is impressive, expressing a girl's innocent love towards her student teacher in a straightforward and cute way.

" I used to fall asleep during English but now I like it
At this rate, I might even become an English teacher

Oh my god, I love English teacher
I will take courage and tell him today
Don't just smile at me like that "

4. Oh My God

The song "Oh My God" is composed by Park Hyun Joong ('Ddol Ah Yi Park') and 'Peter Pan' and portrays the relationship of a girl who takes her boyfriend's love and care for granted and only realizes when he tries to leave.

"I'm sorry, I was wrong
I got too used to your love
I didn't think of you, I was so foolish
I cry and sob and cling onto you but you're getting farther away

Your hand slips away and I wipe my flowing tears
My heart is empty and you keep getting farther away
You are leaving and I'm blankly standing here alone
Waiting for you to turn back "

5. 난 좀 달라(I'm Different) (inst.)

The 5th track is the Instrumental version of her title song "I'm Different"

6. Hello Baby (inst.)

The last track is the Instrumental version of the 2nd song on her album "Scent of NC.A."

You can download the complete album below:

NC.A – SCENT OF NC.A [1st Mini Album]
Download it here

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