[MV] I'm Different - NC.A

The solo artist NC.A released a cute music video for her new song, "I'm Different" from her first mini album entitled "Scent of NC.A".

The song "I'm Different" a cute catchy medium tempo dance track composed by Kim Se Jin and Suh Jung Jin with lyrics written by Kim Se Jin and Scared Only Son.

The song is good and its melody is also quite nice. The song "I'm Different" has some sweet lyrics that portray a girl who is actually in love but decides to play hard-to-get instead of just coming out to tell the person she likes him. Though, she is shy when she's alone in her room as she thinks back to the encounters with the guy and show off a sweet blissful smile.

The music video is so adorable, so cute and so pink. And it's girly but it fits to her fashion and style. And there are so many cute facial expressions and poses. And it's totally cute and lovable.

Check out their music video below:

Download NC.A's I'm Different music video here

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