[Album] A-Pink 4th mini album "Pink Blossom" Review

The lovely girls group "A-Pink" released their 4th mini album entitled "Pink blossom" last 31st of March. The album is composed of seven tracks in it with their title song "Mr. Chu", which is pop dance song with varieties of effects and a lively rhythm that shows A-Pink's bright, popping charm.

The concept of their 4th mini album "Pink blossom" is more matured from the lovely "A-pink" while still keeping a part of the innocent and adorable vibe that makes A-Pink so loved.

As mention before, their 4th mini album "Pink blossom" contains seven tracks:

1. Sunday Monday

2. Mr. Chu (On stage version)

3. Crystal

4. Fairytale Love

5. So Long

6. Mr. Chu

7. Mr. Chu (Inst.)

1. Sunday Monday

The track "Sunday Monday" is about missing someone who she really loved. The song has a bit of sadness but still the popping and bright rhythm is there.

" When we're together, time flies by
My once boring diary is now filled up with you (precious memories)
I want to write all about us and show you

I love you, Sunday Monday and Sunday Monday
Every day, it's not enough even when I see you every day
Sunday Monday, always with you
Every day, will you hug me as if time has stopped? "

2. Mr. Chu

The title track is "Mr.Chu" is produced by hit-maker "Duble Sidekick". The track is a pop dance song that expresses the nervousness and excitement of having a first kiss with a loved one. The song is very addictive and entertaining with a lively rhythm.

" I can't forget the soft feeling, my hot face is getting red
It's so lovely, lovely, I keep liking you more

Mr. Chu, on my lips, chu, sweetly, chu, I lose all strength in my body
You shake up my heart, you shake me up
I'm falling falling for your love "

3. Crystal

The track "Crystal" is about how she describes her love ones. The song has a very lovely rhythm with a bit of energetic and popping beat .This track is also one of those lovely and attractive songs from their album.

" My dazzling crystal, you're my star
Just with your twinkling eyes, you shine a light in my glass-like heart, crystal
It's such a relief (I know know know)
You're my lucky charm (you know know know)
You light me up, sweety boy, you're a mysterious crystal "

4. Fairytale Love

The track "Fairytale Love" is the contrary of the previous songs from the album; it has a sadness and lonely tone. The song has a very mature tone and carries a very heavy feeling which illustrates a sad love story from back then.

" Need you, I really didn't know back then
Need you, I thought we'd last forever
I didn't know how precious you were and only complained every day
Now I finally know that the pain is greater than that love
Our story has ended like that, becoming a sad memory, my love "

5. So Long

The track "So Long" is another song with a bit of sadness and melancholy tone. The song is about being in love with a friend and now that they're old all was just memories and their childhood feelings.

" You came to me, into my heart, as something more than a friend
Next to you, I hid my heart, hiding behind the friend label

Do you think of those days like I do sometimes? Do you remember
The nice breeze, the warm sunlight that shone on us? Do you remember "

6. Mr.Chu and 7. Mr. Chu (inst.)

The track 6 and 7 was the other version of the track 2. "Mr. Chu." In the end, everything is so lovely, good and beautiful. So if you want a copy of their album download it below.

APINK – PINK BLOSSOM [4th Mini Album]
Download it here

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