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A-pink is back with an Innocent and adorable concept with their newest music video "Mr. Chu" for their 4th Mini Album "Pink Blossom". The Music Video is totally cute and so adorable, and honestly I'm addicted to it.

The Music Video "Mr. Chu" shows the world that the cute and adorable "A-pink" is Grown-up from their lovely youth image. It shows up the matured side of each member, while keeping the presence of the innocent and being adorable, that makes Apink so loved.

The title track is "Mr.Chu" is produced by hit-maker "Duble Sidekick". The track is a pop dance song that expresses the nervousness and excitement of having a first kiss with a loved one. The track is combined with varieties of effects and a lively rhythm that shows A-Pink's bright, popping charm.

About their fashion and clothing, they are looking so charming and innocent with their white dress, white high socks and white shoes with matching white hair accessories. The white dress and everything white makes them look so adorably innocent and what makes them look more innocent? Their facial expressions! It's a big factor in the music video. You can see in their eyes the lovely innocent girls.

In other way, the bright pink floral dress makes them so lovely but still the presence of innocent is still at the atmosphere. And another dress is the student uniform, the uniform also shows the innocent concept of the music video. But what makes them more charming and adorable is that they don't use a lot of make-ups looking naturally beautiful makes them more attractive.

About the setting, the tennis court makes it uniquely beautiful. And the scene when they're sitting and looking at the ball, they're look likes cute kitties playing with tennis ball. Making the setting simple makes everything look nice, not so attractive and distractive.

In the end, everything is looking good and adorable from the song to the fashion and the settings. The concept innocent and lovely really fits with their personalities. And that's what makes me addicted to it.

Check out their music video below:

Download A-Pink's Mr. Chu music video here

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