[MV] Be A Man - MBLAQ

One of the Best and Famous Group, MBLAQ shake the world of KPOP with their come back last 24th of March and gifted A+ with their 6th mini album "Broken." MBLAQ return with more sophisticated and charismatic look with their newest Music Video "Be a Man" from their 6th mini album "Broken."

The Song "Be a man" is a very charming, smooth and a bit of sexy rhythm with a "whisper" singing style. This song is carrying a hint of sadness that you can feel while listening to it. The violin in the background combined with the soft falsetto from the vocal line really makes the song come to life and tells the story of heartbreak. This song is very lovely, elegant and very beautiful it's like serenading me with a very relaxing tone.

In terms with their Fashion in their MV, they are looking so handsome, sophisticated, elegant and charismatic with their classy suits. And with their plain simple hairstyle and fair skin they are looking so matured and masculine. They don't use a lot of accessories and the clothes are too simple but it makes them look manly and suave.

About the setting, it was just fine, neat and simple. There's nothing special about it. But making it simple and plain, maybe some consider it dull and boring but I think It helps the song and the artists to be more emphasizing for the viewers. And it blends and balances to the song and fashion of the Artists.

In the end, the music video was good, from the song and fashion to the atmosphere and settings of the music video. Maybe they used toned-down colors and a hazy atmosphere in their music video but that's what makes them look more sexy and manly. So for me everything was good and perfect.

Check out their music video below:

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