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After the long-time of waiting, MBLAQ released their much anticipated comeback with their 6th mini-album "Broken" last 24th of March 2014. The album is composed of six new songs (including an intro and outro) in it and their title song is called "Be a man", which is ballad song but it still have a very poppy melody and rhythm. MBLAQ has decided to continue with their mature and sexy concept following "Smoky Girl" for this album and has successfully shown fans how much they have grown with their sound.

Their 6th mini-album "Broken" in total is composed of seven tracks

1. Broken (Intro)

2. Be a Man

3. Our Relationship

4. 12 months

5. Key

6. Because There are Two

7. Sill With You (Outro)

This album is very special not only because veteran Wheesung, Iggy, and Yong Bae composed in some tracks, but the members of MBLAQ (Thunder, Mir, and G.O) also participated in writing and composing various tracks for their album. This is MBLAQ and Wheesung's first collaboration, and especially Wheesung's first production with a boy group.

Thunder helped in writing "Broken (Intro)" and "12 months" and helped in composing "12 months". Mir helped in writing "Be a Man", "Our Relationship", "12 months", "Because There are Two". While G.O helped in writing "Because There are Two" and "Sill With You (Outro)" he also helped in composing those songs.

1. Broken (Intro)

The introduction of their 6th mini-album "Broken" is one of my favourite tracks from their album because it has a classy, elegant, stylish and sexy tone while also carrying a hint of melancholic and sadness that you can feel while listening to it. The violin in the background combined with the soft falsetto from the vocal line really makes the song come to life and tells the story of heartbreak.

" Love is beautiful thing Love is beautiful pain
Love is beautiful thing Love is beautiful pain
You broken my heart So Broken our Love (I'm Broken)
You broken my heart So Broken our Love (I'm Broken) "

2. Be A Man

The track "Be A Man" is the title track for their album and was written by R&B singer Wheesung with the rap-making done by Mir. The song has a very mature tone and carries a very heavy feeling which illustrates a break up from the male perspective. "Be A Man" is consistent with its sound from beginning to end.

" After slowly thinking about it, I can't live without you
If you're not here, I'm not here either, all I'd do is just breathe
Should I be a man and let you go? Should I let go of your tightly held hand?
Should I hug you goodbye? But in the end, I couldn't do any of that "

3. Our Relationship

The track "Our Relationship" was the song which was pre-released. As other tracks this song is also a smooth R&B song which about a struggling relationship.

" What do we do about our relationship?
You don't even smile when you see me
I don't even smile when I see you
What should I do?

Please don't leave me, my heart is still the same
It's just hard for a moment
What do we do about our relationship? "

4. 12 Months

The track "12 Months" is the fourth song from their album. The track tells a story about a grown man in despair after a breakup.

" During the 12 months without you
During the 1 year that I missed you like crazy
I prayed that many things would change
I prayed that my heart would change, no more cry
During the 12 months of not being able to breathe
During the 1 year filled with scars
I prayed that I would cut out memories of you
I prayed that my heart would die, no more cry "

5. Key

The track "Key" is the track with different meaning from the album. The track is not about a failing relationship but a man who is secretly in love with a girl who recently got dumped. The song is really relaxed and chilled, and has some jazzy and stylish elements to it with a piano.

" I want to open your shut heart right now and go in, carefully, step by step
I want my heart to be the key to open your heart's door
So I can breathe with you in your scarred heart

Every day, when I open my eyes, I want to kiss you
I want to fall asleep next to you
Every day, when I open my eyes, I want to be with you
I love you, hold my hand "

6. Because There Are Two

The track "Because There Are Two" is a track that goes back to the sad and breakup theme of the album and talks about a guy who didn't know how to love and caused the relationship to fall apart.

" We were so happy because it was us two, I loved you so much
I call out to you but there's no answer
We could do anything because it was us two but now I can't do anything alone
Again today, I long for you
It's still so clear, I miss the way you talk, which resembled me
You were beautiful even during our last goodbye
It was especially hard then
Today became a past memory
The foolish me… "

7. Still With You (Outro)

About their outro "Still With You" I can't say much about it. Their outro is the instrumental track after "Because There Are Two". There are some electronic sounds with it but still the classy, elegant and sexy tone is still present in the track.

Do you want to download the MBLAQ 6th mini-album "Broken"?

MBLAQ – BROKEN [6th Mini Album]
Download it here

MBLAQ also released their teaser images for their comeback "BROKEN". The teaser images shows the boys looking smooth, neat, elegant and very suave look in classy and vintage suits.

Check out the teaser images below:

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