Toheart (Woohyun & Key) - The Spectacular Collaboration

The new collaboration "Toheart," is a collaboration project between SHINee's Key and INFINITE's Woohyun after SM Entertainment and Woolim Entertainment merged together. Key and Woohyun collaborated to bring fans a colourful and delightful song filled with an entertaining, cheerful and catchy melody.

These two just get cuter and cuter and spectacular in their music video. The "ToHeart" duo make the most charming and amazing friends for their music video "Delicious." The music video for "Delicious" portrays how Key and Woohyun grow from children to young adults in cute and adorable way through cartoons.

The two is totally cute in their music video and everything looks just as fun and cute as the music video was. In the making of their music video "delicious," Key and Woohyun are always together, laughing, smiling and playing with each other. Their charms and natural feelings really showed through in the music video. As for the jacket making, the two are just as friendly towards each other, but add a bit more sexy and manliness into their routine.

The music video shows Key and Woohyun in a cheerful and bright mood as they spend their time together as best friends. The two shows off their boyish charms as they wink, laugh, smile and teasingly stare into the camera.

"Delicious" is a pop love song with a soft guitar sound and a catchy, English hook "C'mon girl, love is so nutritious! C'mon girl, love is so delicious!" The song tells about a confrontation of two boys who want to be with the same girl.

"Delicious" is the work of "Sweetune" and "Sean Alexander," the former who wrote Infinite's "Man in Love" and "The Chaser," and the latter who wrote SHINee's "Amigo," and is part of the duo's first collaboration mini album "ToHeart."

"The 1st Mini Album" is composed of six tracks, including a vivid "Intro" and songs like "Miro/Maze" which features MC the Max's Jae Yoon and a remake of 80s classic "Start" by One Day. You can download the album here.

The photo shows the boys wearing clothes from Christopher Kane's menswear collection for Spring/Summer 2014. From Key's coat to Woohyun's top and pants.This collection of Kane is inspired by flowers, but not the common florals you see on the runway.

This collection of Kane is inspired by flowers, but not the common florals you see on the runway.

In the photo above, Key is wearing Saint Laurent Roller Skates Court Classic in optic white and black leather while Woohyun is wearing the Classic Roller Skates in Black and Red Leather. There is a relaxation and a homely, soft happiness within these images and the styling but it is all still conscious, artistic and striking.

In the music video you'll see Key is wearing "RICK OWENS × ADIDAS" in Black and white leather. In other part, Key is wearing "SAINT LAURENT" bottom from 2014 S/S collection.

SAINT LAURENT 2014 S/S collection

Here are some photos of toheart (Key and Woohyun)

Check out the music video below!

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