TVXQ’s Changmin sings ‘I Have To Forget You’ for his starring drama ‘Mimi’ OST and reunited with Moon Ga Young for Romantic Pictorial for ‘The Celebrity’ magazine!

Mnet's drama "Mimi" released its first OST last March 7, a remake of a song titled "I Need to Forget You".

The original version of "I Need to Forget You" was included in Lee Hyun Woo's first album released in 1991.

TVXQ's Changmin, who participated in the OST of his starring drama "Mimi", sings the remake of Lee Hyun Woo's "I Have To Forget You," which serves as the couple's love theme song.

Mnet released a fourth making of video for mini drama "Mimi," showing TVXQ's Changmin singing the remake of Lee Hyun Woo's "I Have To Forget You".

The clip shows him mostly in the studio, but also on the set, strumming away at a guitar. His voice is very soothing and lovely, perfectly capturing the emotions that come with the bittersweet romance in the drama.

The OST track played during the scene in the first episode when Min Woo (Max Changmin) played the guitar in the school art class. The song is also the theme song of Min Woo and Mimi (Mun Ka Young), and features soft guitar tune with Max Changmin's sentimental voice.

The Mnet's ghost romance drama Mimi's lead, TVXQ's Changmin and actress Moon Ga Young reunite for a romantic pictorial for the April issue of "The Celebrity" magazine.

In the drama, Max Changmin took the role of a webtoon artist who begins to suffer from headaches due to his work and struggles to find the lost memories of first love, while Moon Ga Young took the role of Mimi, an innocent high school girl who has her heart set entirely on her first love.

The photoshoot reflected their drama roles, featuring romantic and mysterious feel in the photos shot.

Moon Ga Young is stylish in her light blue jacket with minimal make up. Her stunning eyes seem to gaze at you.

Changmin looks cool with his jacket draped over one shoulder as he sits.

TVXQ's Changmin and Moon Ga Young displayed the tender feelings of a first love as shown on "Mimi" for "The Celebrity's April issue.

Changmin and Moon Ga Young made fans fall into their deep brown eyes as they posed with both pure and innocent charms that come with their first love story in the drama.

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