[MV] Jackpot - Block B Review

Block B is back! Finally the most awaited return of the Block B is here with their new music video "Jackpot," the title track of their upcoming album. Block B will be debuting their new song through Mnet's "M! Countdown" this week on April 17.

Their back with another super catchy song, unusual concept and conveys a spooky atmosphere throughout, while frightening a girl and trapping it lead in an abandoned circus. The video features child actress Kim Sae Ron, the girl that they used to fright and trap at the colorful abandoned circus.

The song has an electro swing genre that includes awesome raps. The chorus of the song has more dance beat to it, that make it more lively and crazy.

In terms with their Fashion in their MV, they are all looking good and crazy with their colorful outfits that complement to their carnival theme. Those unique outfits make the MV more interesting, it's like carnival fashion show. And what I really love about their outfits is those colorful suits; it's very stunning and uniquely beautiful.

About the setting of the MV, in some point it's scary but the fun and cool things are present. The colorful background makes the MV more exciting and it blends to the type of song they used, it also balanced the fashion to the atmosphere of the MV.

In the end, everything is good, the song, outfits and fashion to its settings and atmosphere. The carnival theme with creepy atmosphere makes it unique and beautiful. Overall, it's a perfect music video, perfect selection of song and everything. Let's give a hand of applause.

Have you what the music video? If not, you can watch it below.

Download Block B – Jackpot music video here

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