[MV] Just Like U - PRIMARY(프라이머리) (Feat. Yankie(얀키), Jessi(제시))

[MV]  Just Like U - PRIMARY(프라이머리) (Feat. Yankie(얀키), Jessi(제시))

PRIMARY's second full-length album, "2". 
With this number, PRIMARY expresses his perspective on life and by working with various artists, boasts his musical color as a connecting medium that delivers different messages.

From legendary artists to fresh rookies, PRIMARY unveils the featuring artists' real charms in his production of the album "2". The unpredictable combinations in his new album "2" also make the actual stories which the album carries to truly stand out. Under the big umbrella of "two" or "pairs" as the album's overall concept, PRIMARY talks about man and woman, self and the world, self and others, as well as females of this generation, along with the things these people experience in common, yet unique.

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