[MV] STALKER(스토커) - BEAT WIN(비트윈)

STALKER(스토커) - BEAT WIN(비트윈)

On hot summer of 2015, [BEAT WIN] is back with the ambitious mini album ‘INSATIABLE’. The title song of the very special and ambitious mini album ‘INSATIABLE’ is ‘STALKER’. The best producers of Korea, Nam Ki sang, Kang Jeun myung, Kwon seun yik’s N Company got together to prepare this song. The lyric talks about wanting love, and that feeling is compared to a stalker. It has straightforward lyrics, and in simple way it gives us a feeling where loving someone is beautiful, but when it gets too intense, it feels like a stalker.

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TALKER(스토커) - BEAT WIN(비트윈) [HD 720p] : Download here

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